Kaleo Ching
Elise Dirlam Ching

Kaleo and Elise have developed a process that totally engages the body, mind, and spirit.

This inner alchemical process entices one to enter into the subconscious realm of the body through Chi Kung and hypnotherapy/guided imagery, then to express its deep wisdom through creative art forms. The process promotes self awareness, empowerment, and the transformation of self and community.

colorful array of masks from San Francisco State University workshopElise doing Chi Kung by the sea, PunaKaleo doing Hawaiian massage with hot stonesCharisa working on her drawingclassful of mask-makersnearly complete mask of the forest cronemask of the Spirit Journeyenergy of the ovariesplayful coyote maskstudent drawingmask of the Lionessmask of the Red Roadmask of the Still Heartdetailing the body-maskmask of the Warriorgroup of students with completed masks in Wisconsin


Kaleo and Elise’s books share their experiential journeys into the realms of the creative spirit through Chi Kung, guided journeys, journaling, art, and maskmaking.

The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal cover


The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal: Your Journey through Stories, Qigong Meditation, Journaling, and Art

  • Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist
  • Faces of Your Soul: Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals
  • Sharing the Maskmaking Journey: A Faces of Your Soul Teacher’s Manual
  • Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung


These videos take you into realms of Chi and creativity. Join Kaleo in doing the Tiger’s Breath, Aloha, and Five Element Chi Kung forms. Observe Kaleo as he integrates Chi Kung with Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. Share with Kaleo and Elise’s students as they connect with ancestors and spirit guides then channel their discoveries through art and maskmaking.


Kaleo’s art, whether in mixed media masks, paintings, or drawings, invokes ancestral and archetypal messages and meanings. Elise’s poetry, which often accompanies Kaleo’s art, reflects her love of nature and is an ongoing dialogue between the inner and outer journeys.


Kaleo and Elise’s classes offer Chi Kung, guided imagery, and art in various combinations for a holistic journey of self-discovery and understanding. Chi Kung helps nourish and build reserves of Chi, your vital life force, and helps you to know, understand, and care for your body and being in a gentle and holistic way. It helps to open the chakras for personal exploration and creative expression. Guided imagery takes you into your subconscious realms to explore inner terrains and access deep wisdom. Easy-to-learn mixed media art and maskmaking processes invite you to channel your discoveries into visual, tactile form.


Through Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, Yijing Medical Qigong/acupressure, and hypnotherapy, Kaleo creates for the client an experience of healing and nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. He approaches each client and his or her desires and needs individually and uniquely.


Theologian, visionary, and author Matthew Fox, Oshun priestess and author Luisah Teish, yoga teacher Rodney Yee, author Maxine Hong Kingston, and others offer comments about and insights into Kaleo and Elise’s twenty-plus years of teaching and healing in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.