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Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung is a practice to nurture Chi, your life force. It cultivates harmony on all levels, physical, energetic, psychological, spiritual. It works simultaneously on all facets of your being, from the organs and their energetic meridians, to the lymphatic, respiratory, reproductive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous, and craniosacral systems. It helps you to release stress, boost your immune system, develop strength and flexibility, and enhance centeredness and groundedness. It shows you how to cultivate, conserve, circulate, and transmit Chi for helping to heal self and others. It draws on the power of forces from the cosmos and deep wisdom of your own inner being.

Classes and Private Lessons

  • Wellness Chi Kung
  • Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung
  • Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung
  • Chi Kung for Bodyworkers and Healers
  • Five Element Chi Kung
  • Dreaming Chi Kung
  • Aloha Chi Kung (view a video)
  • Abba-Imma Chi Kung (view a video)
  • Zhan Zhuang, Micro- and Macrocosmic Orbits, Inner Sounds, and other Chi Kung meditations may be included in other classes
  • Classes combining Chi Kung and art

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Kaleo, Elise and White Tiger

Elise and Kaleo with White Tiger totem mask

Wellness Chi Kung

Learn Chi Kung practices and postural principles for enhanced well-being during the work and play of life. Chi Kung movements practices are easy-to-learn and enjoyable to do and can be done on breaks in your work day. They help to open and lubricate joints, prevent repetitive stress injuries, and bring enhanced comfort to your body. Chi Kung breathing techniques help you to breathe more effectively and enhance mental performance. Postural awareness helps prevent back and knee problems and make you more balanced and at ease in your body. Self-help acupressure points teach you to access the Chi flowing through your energy meridians for self-healing and harmony. Practices incorporate Chi Kung meditations for centering, grounding, and enhanced energy awareness. Kaleo and Elise have taught this class to corporate leaders and office workers at organizations such as LucasFilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and North Atlantic Books.

students in Chi Kung class

“My work at Lucasfilm, while rewarding, is also challenging. There is almost constant pressure for perfection and precision. I spend several hours a day on the computer typing and looking at the screen. The hours spent doing Chi Kung with Kaleo were fabulous. He presents a wonderful blend of spiritual awareness and physical activity. He offers techniques to relieve stress and maintain a healthy life style. Anyone can participate in the classes and benefit. I highly recommend it.”

Sandra Baron is Telecom Administrator at Lucasfilm Entertainment Companies, Ltd.

Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung

Learn a Chi Kung movement form that incorporates principles from Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and hatha yoga for a complete practice that takes ten minutes to perform. Its levels of nuances and effectiveness make this a form that you can do for years and still keep learning more from its practice.

View a video of “Tiger’s Breath Chi Kung”.

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist practice that is especially effective for cultivating sensitivity to Chi and nourishing reserves of Chi.

See the Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung book and DVD, coauthored by Kaleo and Elise with Gilles Marin.

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung

Chi Kung (Qigong) for Bodyworkers and Healers

Learn Chi Kung body mechanics to maximize and deepen your healing practice, use your body and energy wisely and efficiently, and help prevent injury and burnout. Learn the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits to activate and balance your chakras and connect to the forces of Heaven and Earth. Learn techniques to harvest and build your Chi and to promote cleansing and protection. Learn to transmit energy in healing and bodywork.

chi kung for bodyworkers

Hawaiian Lomilomi (basics) and Meridian-Lomi Massage Classes

Hawaiian Lomilomi massage nourishes the body in a soothing and dynamic way. It’s the rhythm of the ocean, deep and penetrating, gentle and swaying. It is the voice of ka makani (the wind) humming through the body. It embraces aloha (loving kindness), pule (prayer), mana‘o (intention), kaona (deeper meanings), and mana (divine energy). It affects the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

In the Hawaiian Lomilomi Basics class, learn a full body oil massage sequence. In the Meridian-Lomi class, learn joint mobilization and deep " to the bones" kneading, carving, and gliding strokes, as well as some Chi transmission techniques and acupressure points for added depth in your massages. In both of these classes, learn a Hawaiian pule (prayer) for healing and Aloha Chi Kung to create a vessel with your body that is grounded, protected and vibrant with universal Chi.

Kaleo Ching lomilomi

Five Element Chi Kung and Art

Adventure into the realms of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Kaleo and Elise. Enter the landscapes of metal (lungs), water (kidney), wood (liver), fire (pericardium/heart), and earth (spleen), meet their guardians, and tone their inner sounds to bring cleansing and healing. Learn their Chi Kung movements to stimulate their organs, meridians, and bodily tissues. Fathom the personal meanings of elemental influences and applications to your emotional well-being, to your creative self-expression, and to your dreams and visions for your life journey.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Five Element Chi Kung and Art” classes.


Chi and Creative Art

Experience Chi Kung and guided meditation to engage your three primordial energy centers: Body (instinct and intuition); Heart (emotional awareness); Mind (perception and cosmic inspiration). Then through journaling, drawing, and collage, embody your discoveries to bridge the subconscious and conscious levels of awareness and manifest your personal truth and wisdom.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Chi and Creative Art” classes.

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Dreaming Chi Kung and Art

In this class you will learn Dreaming Chi Kung, an ancient Taoist practice to activate the energy body in a way that calms the rational mind for a deeper and more restful sleep and stimulates the receptivity of the subconscious. Your enhanced access to the dreaming mind facilitates your discovery of inner landscapes, archetypal symbols, and your deep inner wisdom as you address the question, “What are my dream images telling me?” A mystical Chi is generated from within to give visual and tactile form to your inner discoveries through mixed media drawing and collage and creating your personal dream vessel.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Dreaming Chi Kung and Art” classes.

woman with painting

Spiraling Lotus Chi Kung: Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Experience Chi Kung and guided imagery to enter into the realms of your ancestors and spirit guides. Journey with your ancestors through ancient lands. Explore their traditions, language, secrets. Meet your mentors from the spirit world and tap their special wisdom. Connect with your ancestral and spiritual sources and honor them through creative expression. Learn mixed media art and sculpture techniques, and use them to give form to ancient ways and wisdom. Create an ancestral altar, a gestation vessel, a cloak of special powers, an autobiographical map of your journey, a collage of the council of your guides, a sculpture of your ancestral tree.

View a video of “Spiraling Lotus Chi Kung: Ancestors and Spirit Guides”.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Spiraling Lotus Chi Kung: Ancestors and Spirit Guides” classes.

Beah and ancestor art

Faces of Your Soul: Maskmaking

Maskmaking is an embrace. With caring, you give and receive a facial massage as you apply and sculpt plaster gauze facial molds with a partner. The maskmaking techniques used create realistic facial sculptures. Guided imagery leads you gently into the realms of the spirit world to connect with your inner guides (ancestor, totem animal, guardian angel, inner healer). Your guide then inspires you to paint, decorate, and transform your personal mask from the mold of your own face. Your mask can be a legacy, a life companion, a gauge of your personal growth, a guardian for your altar.

See Faces of Your Soul: Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals for excerpts from the book used in this class.

View a video of “Faces of Your Soul: Maskmaking”.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Faces of Your Soul: Maskmaking” classes.


The Pilgrimage: Masks of Living, Dying, and Renewal

As mortal beings in a changing world, we experience loss, death, and rebirth daily. Prior to this workshop you will receive a manual, The Pilgrimage: Exploring Dying and Rebirth Through Stories, Guided Journeys, Art, and Maskmaking by Elise and Kaleo, that prompts your soul search into your own life, dying, and transformation. During the workshop you will bring together your discoveries and the shared adventure of creativity through Chi Kung, guided journeying, and maskmaking. The book and workshop invite you to engage death and transformation in a way that that inspires clarity and enrichment to your own experience of living.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “The Pilgrimage: Masks of Living, Dying, and Renewal” classes.

Eliza Beth mask

Body Totem

Enter sacred time and space where creativity and sacred anatomy are bridged in a journey of self-healing. Learn the Chi Kung Microcosmic Orbit for bringing harmony to the chakras (energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual centers). Experience guided imagery to enter safely into your inner terrain and discover an area in your body in need of physical or emotional healing. Learn gentle, supportive massage for working with a partner in sculpting plaster gauze molds of the chosen body areas. Learn mixed media painting, sculpting, and decorating techniques to bring creative transformation to your healing process. You may find yourself using herbs and natural materials, photos, furs, feathers, silk, your own baby teeth, your son’s umbilical cord, whatever invites you deeper on your healing journey. What emerges is your sacred Body Totem.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Body Totem” classes.

qigong for bodyworkers

Your Soul’s Intention: Creating an Incubation Vessel

What is your soul’s intention for your life’s journey? Chi Kung, guided imagery, and art invite you to discover and shape your answer to this question. Chi Kung opens you to the wisdom in the 3 energy centers of mind, heart, and body. Guided imagery takes you into inner realms to explore the history and direction of your soul’s intention. Then through mixed media art and collage,you create your magical vessel where your intention continues to incubate and grow.

qigong for bodyworkers

qigong for bodyworkers

Totem Animal

Guided imagery leads you into the safe but sacred mysteries of the lower world to meet your totem animal. Chi Kung brings animal awareness, sensitivity, and grace into your body. Animal’s breath and guidance flow through your being and shape-shift into sacred art. Create mixed media drawings with your totem animal; massage and sculpt its heart and body; build its nest or den with basketry techniques; paint your body as you dance your animal.

View a flickr gallery of student artwork from “Totem Animal” classes.

Ram Totem Animal

For all art classes, a supply fee appropriate to the workshop includes a feast of art materials.